Solar And MNRE Training

Solar app is a consumer information centric application designed to help them in decision making regarding technologies, logistics details, system design presented in a very lucid manner for easy understanding.

MNRE Training is a similarly designed app but is used to specifically train and use by the MNRE team. Questions and modules are categorised accordingly.

The Purpose and Functionality

Quokka Labs imbibed it’s app development expertise on the wordpress services to bring out another exciting mobility product to serve the commonly asked questions of different users.


What do these apps serve ?

Both the applications basically intend to serve as an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) related to solar energy.


What languages are supported?

The content is available in both: English and Hindi.


How is the user access designed?


What solar technologies are addressed in the app?

The modules regarding technological know-how (available inside “Know about Rooftop Solar” category) in classified into sections:

  • Basics of Rooftop
  • PV Module
  • Structure
  • Balance of System

The “Know about Rooftop Solar” category also details the benefits and incentives regarding installation of rooftop solar.


How are the modules categorised in the app?

The modules are divided into 3 categories namely:

  • Know about Rooftop Solar
  • Why Should I Install?
  • Install a Rooftop Solar

This segmentation helps users to easily navigate to his/her enquiry.


How does the user search his questions?

A search bar is established at the top where the search will take place by smartly matching keywords typed in by the user.


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